What Dessert Goes with Chili: Read to Find Out! [2021 Updated]

What Dessert Goes with Chili

What is the best way to end a meal? With a dessert, of course! Nothing beats having something sweet to cleanse the palate! If you want something different, however, why not try it with chili? It might sound like a crazy idea, but once you had a taste of it, you will thank us!

If you are clueless about what dessert goes with chili, we got your back! Read on, and we’ll share some of the best sweet treats that you can prepare with a spicy kick!

What Dessert Goes with Chili

What Dessert Goes with Chili?

Chili might not be the first ingredient that comes to mind when most people talk about deserts. However, if you know how to prepare the right dish, you might be surprised with how mouthwatering it can be. Below are some of the desserts that will be perfectly good with chili.

Apple Strudel

For anyone who loves apples, an apple strudel will make the perfect dessert. A popular European dessert, it is oozing with flavors that come with other ingredients beyond apple. It also has brown sugar, raisin, and cinnamon, among others. If you want to make it unique and add a bit of heat to complement the sweetness, you can’t go wrong with chili. The flaky and buttery crust will complement the juicy and sweet apples, which will taste better when you add a bit of chili.

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Praline Bacon

Bacon may not be everyone’s choice for a yummy dessert, but if you have in a praline, then it will make a good sweet treat to cap off a meal. It is simple to prepare as you will only need thick bacon, cane syrup, brown sugar, and chopped nuts. To balance out the sweetness from the sugar and the syrup, why not add chili? This will give the bacon a surprising kick that you will fall in love with.

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Would you like to keep things simple and healthy? Then it is best to grab yogurt for a good dessert. Get any flavor and make it more exciting by sprinkling chili powder on the top. With the chili drizzled in your yogurt, give it a quick mix and enjoy. You can take it a notch higher by adding fresh fruits and nuts of your choice. This is perfect for those who want to enjoy a treat without ruining their diet!

Ice Cream

This is another great option for a simple and no-fail dessert that anyone will love. From vanilla to cookies and cream, the flavor options are endless. Give it a spicy kick by adding chili powder and mixing the ice cream for the flavors to blend. Add a bit of chili then taste before adding more. Alternatively, you can also make homemade ice cream using chili as one of the main ingredients. This is a bit more complicated as you are making the ice cream from scratch, but it will be worth all the effort once you taste it.

Key Lime Pie

If you have the time and effort to spare, why not try making key lime pie? This American dessert uses Key lime juice as the main ingredient. It also has sweetened condensed milk and egg yolk. It has the perfect balance of sweet and tangy. Take the flavor a notch by adding chili. This way, the distinct spice will result in an explosion of flavors on your mouth. You can add it as a main ingredient or if you want to be a bit more subtle, then you can just add chili powder on the top of the pie.

Lemon Bars

This is another dessert that offers the perfect blend of sweet and tart. The secret to making this dessert is your choice of lemon. Make sure that they are fresh. It will have a buttery crust with a distinct crunch, which will provide a great introduction to the flavors that you can expect once you bite into what is inside. The lemon filling will take you to a different world! Most people will dust lemon bars with sugar, but if you dare to go different, use chili powder instead.

Cinnamon Roll

Many restaurants are jumping in and joining the trend of adding chili to their dessert offerings. Amongst others, it is most popularly incorporated in cinnamon rolls. You can sprinkle dried chili or chili powder on the top, same as you would with cinnamon. The frosting will complement the spicy flavor, balancing it out for those who do not like anything too spicy. Another way to enjoy chili is by eating it as a side with cinnamon rolls. There are no hard and fast rules. You can even dip your cinnamon roll in a bowl of warm chili soup!


This is one of the most common and simplest desserts where chili is used as a novelty ingredient. We all know chocolates for being sweet and milky. For some, it is too sweet for their liking. If you want something that will complement the sweetness, chili is a good idea. You can find many artisanal chocolates available using chili as a key component of their hearty chocolates.

Fudge Brownies

There is something irresistible about fudge brownies. They have a distinct chewiness that most people love. The best thing is that it is oozing with chocolate flavors. It is even better with nuts on top, which will give the brownies a distinct crunch. To differentiate your fudge brownies from everything else, why not add chili to the recipe? You can use dried or powdered chili as a part of the brownie mix. Whisk it with everything else, making sure that it blends with all the flavors of the other ingredients that you are using.

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